A List of Online Stores where you can Buy Shoes Online in Kenya

Where to Buy Shoes Online in Kenya

Shoes are by far a girl’s best friend, after diamonds, of course, but with the current busy schedules that a lot of people have, it is sometimes hard getting time to go shopping. This is the reason why most people think online shops are God-sent. The problem, however, could be where exactly to shop from. Continue reading

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Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Have you ever sat down an thought of ways you can make money online without having to break your back for it? Well, it is actually possible to make money by just surfing the internet. You probably have bumped into a number of articles on the internet that are talking about making money online, but some of them may just be sales pitches.

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zetech university courses offered

Zetech University Courses Offered

Zetech university courses play a major role in ensuring that students who study in the institution are not only academically equipped, but are also equipped with the skills for life’s challenges. The university’s main aim has always been to ensure that their students leave the institution better equipped to face the world however hard it could be.

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