manchester united signs deal with afb

Manchester united and AFB Sign a Deal

ImageSome very good news for Manchester United fans in Kenya as the team announced on their official website that they have made a deal with African Finance firm AFB. This is their 12th financial agreement to sign and this comes as a great fortune for Kenyan fans. Manchester United who are currently the …

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Olympics 2012

‘Isles of Wonder’  is the name given to the Olympics opening ceremony scheduled for tonight starting 9 PM.Yes,…we can finally start rooting for best performers and even better betting on who’s going home with the gold.!

Oops,.i hope you put your money where its worth.

Go,! go! Team Kenya!!!



Go!!..Go!,Team Kenya!!!

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What to do to avoid back pains after sitting down too long in the office

What to do to avoid back pains after sitting down too long in the office

Here are five things you can do in the office to avoid that annoying back pain:,

1. Do a tall stretch by grasping your hands high above your head and stretching through your arms and shoulders without moving the back.

2. Do a lower back stretch by standing up and arching your back while supporting it with the palms of both your hands.

3. Leave your desk every few hours for at least a few minutes to help minimize stiffness from sitting in one place too long, standing up and moving body around for few mins every hour, increases my energy and focus tremendously

4. Be sure you have a good chair that’s designed for desk work with lumbar support good mobility to minimize back pain.

5. Rotate your shoulders in circular motions forwards and backwards to help your upper back feel relief from stiffness and lift your shoulders slowly towards your ears several times to stretch shoulder blades and relieve stiffness in the upper back.