Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Have you ever sat down an thought of ways you can make money online without having to break your back for it? Well, it is actually possible to make money by just surfing the internet. You probably have bumped into a number of articles on the internet that are talking about making money online, but some of them may just be sales pitches.

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Masai Mara Safaris - 5 things you should know

5 things you should know about Masai Mara Safaris

Having an enriching safari experience is more than just looking for the Big Five in the middle of the forest. Masai Mara safaris have so much to offer. Each trip is different because you get to experience adventure in the best way you know how to.

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A List of Top Iconic Kenyan Colleges

A List of Top Iconic Kenyan Colleges

Every young person has the desire to go to college or university after high school. This gives them an opportunity to study a course that will lead them to the profession they have always wanted. Kenyan Colleges, luckily offer such opportunities to the young people within and across the borders of Kenya.

Kenyan colleges, located in different towns across the country offer a variety of academic programs under different categories; certificate, diploma, higher national diploma, postgraduate diploma and also a bridging course on particular subjects. Some of these Kenyan colleges are owned by the government, others are privately owned while others operate as an affiliate or constituent colleges of public universities in Kenya.

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a list of the top 5 flower farms in Kenya

A List of the Top 5 Flower Farms in Kenya

Of all the beautiful things that exist on planet earth, flowers take the front stage, second only to human beings. Flowers have the power to make a dull day seem bright. They can light up a dull room and make it bright and beautiful. Flowers also have a positive effect on the moods of people. When someone is sick or feeling low, bring them a bouquet of flowers and they will definitely light up in smiles and their moods will change for the better. Flower farms in Kenya have answered to the need of beauty and happiness that people need every other day.

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