How to Win the War Against Cancer in Kenya

Cancer is regrettably one of the number 2 killer disease in developed countries and ranks number one in developing countries like Kenya. Sadly, cancer in Kenya can affect anyone at any given age, but there are certain things that can increase the risk of an individual developing cancer. For instance, poor lifestyles, poor diet and lack of proper information ranks high on the list. Another sad fact is that, a huge percentage of people who develop cancer rarely survive it.

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flowers waste management

Flowers Waste Management in Kenya

Flowers waste management is a must-know issue for the flower farmers and producers as well as consumers. As much as flowers are very important to the Kenyan economy in many ways, for instance earning the country foreign exchange, its production should never be a threat to the Kenyan environment. This is why before farmers begin to venture into flower farming they need to have clear and laid out strategies on how they will conduct flowers waste management.

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community health services (CHS) Kenya

Do you Know about Community Health Services Kenya?

So what really is the Community Health Services Kenya and why should anyone care about it? In Kenya, health has always been a very sensitive issue. That is why the government of Kenya has always had the Ministry of Health to help tackle the various challenges concerning health in the country. Many people around Kenya live below the poverty line and this exposes them to various health risks.

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