The Best Places to Buy Clothes at Wholesale in Nairobi

The Best Places to Buy Clothes at Wholesale in Nairobi

Nairobi is a very vibrant city, but is not one of the cheapest city to live in Africa. Life is very expensive in Nairobi and residents would jump at any opportunity to save a few coins. One of the best ways to save money is to buy clothes at wholesale in Nairobi. There are a couple of options you have if you want to take advantage of wholesale prices for clothes in Nairobi. You just need to know where to go.

Whether you are looking to buy clothes in bulk to resell or just take advantage of the prices for personal gain, below are some of the best places to shop. You need to be careful when visiting some of these places, you need to be particularly careful and be wary of cons.

6 Places you can buy clothes at wholesale in Nairobi

Below are the best places you can get awesome bargains when buying clothes in bulk.

Dubois Street

Dubois street is one of the best place for a girl’s fashion and accessories with quite a variety to choose from. There are different dresses, tops and skirts, a variety of designs. You will fall in love with the prices that you will get down Dubois street, but make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the clothes. If you have a keen eye, you will leave with some of the best designs you can ever get in Nairobi at prices you can only get in Nairobi.


If you are new in Nairobi, you probably do not want to go to this place alone. This is one of the busiest places in Nairobi. You can almost get anything and everything down in Kamukunji. With the variety of commodities sold down in Kamukunji, you need to know specific shops that you can go to for clothes and other fashion accessories. You will definitely save a lot of cash if you know your way around Kamukunji.

6 Places you can buy clothes at wholesale in Nairobi

Eastleigh Shopping Malls

Eastleigh is one of Nairobi’s best kept secret. You can get a wide variety of clothes at awesome prices you cannot get anywhere else in Kenya. While people love shopping in the Nairobi City center, you can simply save a few coins by getting your feet dirty down in Eastliegh. One place that you will have to visit in Eastleigh is called the Garissa Lodge.

The place is very busy with shoppers around the year looking for different clothes. It is the ideal place to shop for clothes at wholesale prices, especially if you are not necessarily in the retail business. There are several malls in the areas with each block having at least 5 floors with several shops and hence several options for you to choose from. They have really tried to have shops with similar items within the same locality. It makes it easier for shoppers to find items.

Apart from Garissa, you will also find the Hodan Complex in Eastleigh as another awesome place to buy clothes in wholesale in Nairobi. Eastleigh is the one of the busiest areas in Nairobi and someone is always selling something in the area. Just walk around Eastliegh and you will find treasures you never imagined you will find in Nairobi.

River Road

Locals always say that there is nothing under the sun that you cannot find in River Road, Nairobi. This could be so and clothes are not an exception. River Road is a very busy area and you can find literally anything you might want. However, this is one of the most notorious areas in Nairobi. If you get lucky and not get conned, you might end up with counterfeit products. People still prefer to shop in this area because of the convenience it offers being in the middle of the big city.

Nyayo Market

This is a special niche area, but is still a great place to shop for clothes. Nyayo Market is located along Jogoo Road but is popular for school clothes. 70% of shops you will find in the area deal with school uniforms. You will find great quality shoes and clothes in the area at very pocket friendly rates.

Buy Clothes Wholesale Nairobi Online

In my opinion, the best place to fish and buy clothes at wholesale prices with minimized risk is online. You will find very many options of online shops in Kenya that offer to sell items at wholesale prices. Just start with a simple search on Google. You can search for “buy clothes wholesale nairobi”. You will find websites like Binti that offer a variety of great designs at wholesale prices.

buy clothes wholesale kenya

These are the most ideal locations in Nairobi to get the best rates in Nairobi. With the expensive rates around the city, knowing where to buy clothes at wholesale in Nairobi will save you the much-needed money. Do you know any other awesome places with wholesale prices in Nairobi? Share in the comments below.

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