Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Legitimate Ways of Making Money Online

Have you ever sat down an thought of ways you can make money online without having to break your back for it? Well, it is actually possible to make money by just surfing the internet. You probably have bumped into a number of articles on the internet that are talking about making money online, but some of them may just be sales pitches.

Some of them are actually giving online money making a bad name. It is, however, possible to make money online and there are legit ways of doing it. Most of these legitimate ways are not the get rich quick type of ventures. They do require a lot of work, dedication and patience before you start seeing returns on your time.

Top 5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

If you really want to make money online, you can either work from home or part time. You can also turn an idea into a business opportunity and earn your money online, but most of all, you can take part in online paid surveys and earn points that can in turn be exchanged for cash.

How to make money online

You can also download survey apps if you don’t have the time to sit behind a computer. The following are the top 5 legitimate ways of making money online:

Participate in Online Paid Surveys

A lot of people shy away from surveys, but it has grown to become one of the best s to me that extra money. Most surveys take around 10-15 mites to complete and earn yourself points that can be redeemed for cash or gift vouchers, depending on your preference.

The beauty of online paid surveys is that you get cash back for every opinion you voice out regarding a product or a service. The beauty of online paid surveys is that you can do it anywhere; at home, at the office, on the beach, in the car as long as you have access to the internet wherever you are.

Become  a virtual book keeper

The freedom to work remotely as you help others succeed is one of the feelings that drive a lot of people to work online. Another way of making money online is through virtual book keeping. You don’t need a certificate in records and book-keeping; all you need is computer skills and a passion to help business owners tackle real world problems.

This is a good opportunity to stay at home mothers who want to work part time, young people who are just out of school/college and any other person who wants to bring in that extra cash.

Be rewarded for sharing your knowledge

Simply put, you can make money by becoming an online tutor. Education is by far one of the leading industries in the world and with busy schedules, a lot of people turn online in search of knowledge. You can actually make some extra money by answering students’ questions, explaining noted or by uploading tutorials. We are in an era where sharing knowledge can actually be rewarded handsomely.

Write Movie Reviews

Do you like staying up to date on the latest and popular and sometimes not so popular TV shows and movies? Did you know you could be paid for watching TV? Well, you can actually watch a movie or TV show during our spare time, then write a review afterwards and get paid. There are ways of writing a movie review’ you can do a straightforward review, look for symbolism in the movie or start a conversation with readers about the lives of the characters.

Become a blogger

Making money online can be as easy as writing an article. Blogging is one of the legitimate ways that you can use to make money online. It is doable and one of the fun ways to make money online. You just have need a passion in writing and you will be on your way. Blogging however, requires patience, persistence and discipline. You need to build your blog first before you can start earning from it. In order to earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing on your blog, you have to ensure you have a lot of traffic to your site.

Make Money Online with Blogging

There is absolutely no reason for people to complain that there are no jobs in Kenya. There are so many options of making money online, but it takes a little bit of time and patience. The above list is not conclusive as there are so many ways to legitimately making money online. If something on the above list inspired you to try out and earn points for it. To make online money making a full time job, then the dedication is key. You also need to learn how to do what you want to do. There are a lot of free resources on making money online, all you have to do is search them, and learn about the venture before setting out on it.


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