How to Win the War Against Cancer in Kenya

Cancer is regrettably one of the number 2 killer disease in developed countries and ranks number one in developing countries like Kenya. Sadly, cancer in Kenya can affect anyone at any given age, but there are certain things that can increase the risk of an individual developing cancer. For instance, poor lifestyles, poor diet and lack of proper information ranks high on the list. Another sad fact is that, a huge percentage of people who develop cancer rarely survive it.

When people have the knowledge of what to do to lower the risk of developing cancer, it would be a great step towards prevention. What we all need is a working knowledge about the disease cancer, which can help save many lives.

Super foods to beat Cancer in Kenya

Almost all the studies that have been done about cancer usually, points to eating plant bad foods as a model of prevention. In order to fight the risk of Kenya cancer and win the war against it, you should look no further than your fridge.

Cancer in Kenya

You need to aim for about 5-9 servings of all kinds of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. The following are some of the super foods to try out:


Not only broccoli but also other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage or kales contain cancer-fighting properties – sulforaphane. However, brocolli is the only one with a sizeable amount of that property. This component boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing agents. A recent study at the Univesity of Michigan also shows that sulforaphane targets cancer stem cells. Broccoli mostly helps in the fight against breast, liver, lung and prostate cancers.


All berries have cancer fighting nutrients, but black raspberries contain very high concentrations of the said chemicals. These chemicals help to slow down the growth of cells and keep new blood vessels from forming and potentially feeding a cancerous tumor. Berries, particularly help fight colon, esophageal and skin cancers.


A tomato is not only a juicy fruit, but also the best source of lycopene, which is a dietary supplement that stops endometrial cancer cell growth. The dietary supplement is called carotenoid; it is what gives tomatoes its red hue. Tomatoes help in fighting endometrial, lung, prostate and stomach cancers. To reap more benefits from tomatoes, enjoy them cooked, like in pasta sauce, because the heating process increases the amount of lycopene that your body can absorb.


Walnuts have cholesterol like molecules called phytosterols. These help in blocking estrogen receptors, especially in breast cancer cells, thus, slowing the growth of the cells. Walnuts help in the fight against breast and prostate cancers. To yield the best benefits of walnuts, munch a handful of them daily.

Best Foods for Fighting Cancer Kenya


Garlic has chemicals that have been found to stop the formation of carcinogens in the stomach. An Iowa study on Women’s Health established that women with the highest amount of garlic consumption in their diets had a 50% lower risk of certain cancers like the colon cancer. It also helps in the fight against breast, esophageal and stomach cancers. To get the best out of garlic, sprinkle crushed garlic into the lycopene rich tomato sauce while it is simmering. Crushing garlic helps in the release of more beneficial enzymes.


A study that was conducted at Michigan State University sometime back found out that beans, black beans in particular, had a significant reduction of colon cancer incidences. This is partly because legumes increase the level of fatty acid butyrate, which has a protective effect on cancer growth. Dried beans have the power to effectively prevent breast and colon cancers. For a ripple effect, have a few servings of legumes a few times a week.

What to avoid in the fight against cancer in Kenya

As researchers are still trying to figure out which foods to avoid in order to lower the risk of developing cancer in Kenya, there are already a few things that you can avoid. They include:

Eating animal fats

Animal fats like cheese and butter are rich in saturated fats, which have been linked to obesity. Obesity is also one of the biggest cancer predictors. You should therefore avoid such fats and opt for leaner protein sources like fish, low fat dairy and beans.

Worst Foods Associated with Cancer Kenya

Processed Meats

Having a few slices of bacon or a piece of hot dog once in a while will not kill you, but avoid turning it into a staple in your diet. Some processed meat tends to be high in preservatives that if consumed in large amounts, can potentially increase your risk of stomach and other cancers.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is another culprit when taken in excess. If you must have alcohol, then try and stop after the first bottle or utmost the second. Too much alcohol is associated with an increased risk of mouth, esophagus and breast cancers.

Unhealthy diets and lifestyles are proven to be a cause of cancer and other lifestyle diseases. Eating healthy and being physically active reduces the risk of developing cancer in Kenya, by a high percentage.


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