Safari in Kenya - 5 Awesome Safari Experiences

Safari in Kenya – 4 Awesome Things you can Experience in Safari

Have you ever been in a safari in Kenya? Well, there is so much you could be missing out on. There is so much that you can experience when you go visit national reserves and national parks in Kenya. There are so many animals, different landscapes and a lot more you will see.

Top 10 National Reserves and Game Parks

There are very many national reserves, sanctuaries and national parks in Kenya. Each of them has something unique to offer. Below is a list of the best parks you can visit for the best safari experience in Kenya:

  • The Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks
  • Mount Kenya National Park
  • Lewa Conservancy
  • Hell’s Gate National

There are many more parks, reserves and sanctuaries in Kenya that you can get an awesome safari experience. Each of them has a unique ecosystem and is popular for particular spectacles. You may have to do a good research if you have particular safari interests while planning for your next safari.

4 Awesome Things you can Experience in Safari in Kenya

Are you still second guessing whether Kenya is the ideal safari destination? Here are some awesome things that you can experience while in safari in the various reserves and parks in Kenya. The beauty with the wild is that no rules apply. Animals are in their natural habitat and the craziest things happen in the wild.

Here is my crazy/wild list that you could be lucky to experience in the Kenyan wild

#1 Elephants Mating

Wait, this is funny, right? Elephants are the biggest animals you will see while on safari. But did you know how romantic elephants can be? The male elephant would ideally use its cent to attract female elephants when it is ready to mate. They would flap their enormous years so that the sent is sent as far as possible.

Attracted females would normally find their way to the male counterparts. But the deal is not done yet. Well, the male and female elephants sort of flirt before it all. Most of the times the female elephant would run and the male one has to chase after her.

kenya safari awesomeness - elephants mating

The love story can be even better than Titanic, they would lock trunks(in a lovely way) and even rub their bodies against each other. Age is somehow never a barrier as elephants as old as 50 years can still get it on with much younger female elephants. There is also competition among the male elephants when it comes to mating and this sometimes ends up in a big brawl. The younger male elephants normally give the older ones priority in case the female elephants are somewhat scarce.

All in all, this is usually a great experience you will not want to miss, especially when you visit during the mating period.

#2 The Cheetah vs the Gazelle Family

We all want some little action whenever we set out on a safari. Well, the food chain is part of the action that many go for. For the ecosystem to exist, some predators must feed on other wild animals. But this is no ordinary action.

Cheetah are the fasted documented land animals and they can reach speeds of up to 110kph. That is faster than cars are allowed on Kenyan highways. Cheetahs would not normally roam in groups and they normally hunt sole. The gazelle family is their favorite dish.

Kenya safaris - cheetah hunting gazelle

Gazelles and antelopes are found in plenty across different national parks and national reserves in Kenya. The gazelles are light in weight and very fast. You will really need a good camera to capture these moments well. It is not always an easy task for cheetahs to make a kill, but the probability is normally boosted by the number of gazelles or antelopes available.

After very many corners and slips, the cheetah would manage to capture the gazelle and they normally grab them by the neck and cut out their air supply. Not a very happy ending but the spectacle is always worth  the travel to the wild.

#3 The Hungry Hyena

Hyenas can be seen as the most jovial animals in the Kenyan wild. You would often catch them laughing for no good reason. However, hyenas are generally never very good hunters. Despite all this, they somehow have to survive and they have to eat.

safaris in kenya - hyena vs the lion

This has caused bad blood between hyenas and other predators namely, lions and cheetahs. Lions are normally a feared lot, but not to the hyenas. severally after making a kill, lions are normally attacked by hyenas. In many cases, the hyenas usually manage to steal away the kill from either the lions or cheetahs.

#4 Making Fire with No Match Sticks

This is not entirely on the safari, but it is one spectacle that you are bound to experience while on a safari in many parts in Kenya. The Masai tribe in Kenya is one of the tribes that still maintain their culture and they would go about everything the old fashioned way. Do you know that you actually do not need a match stick to make a fire?

safari in kenya - masai warriors making a fire

Masai warriors often have a way of making their fires from some particular sticks and it all boils down to friction. It is interesting how they still manage and most guests try but never manage to start a decent fire. There is so much in terms of culture that visitors can learn from the Masai tribe in Kenya.


So what are you waiting for? Be part of this awesomeness and start planning your safari in Kenya.

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