zetech university courses offered

Zetech University Courses Offered

Zetech university courses play a major role in ensuring that students who study in the institution are not only academically equipped, but are also equipped with the skills for life’s challenges. The university’s main aim has always been to ensure that their students leave the institution better equipped to face the world however hard it could be.

This is why it has given opportunities to all deserving students who have shown interest in joining the institution to advance their studies. The university offers a variety of courses ranging from engineering to business studies. Below are some of the major courses offered by the University.

zetech university list of courses offered

A List of Zetech University Courses

Below are some of the courses offered at Zetech University:

Diploma in Business Management and Administration

This programme targets students who want to start a career in business management, start their own businesses or even be managers. Its major objective is to ensure that the students have the functional skills in the business world.

Anyone with an interest in pursuing this course must have a minimum aggregate of C. In addition to this, applicants must have a minimum of C- in Mathematics and C- in English, KCE Division II with at least credits in both Mathematics and English. They could also have credit pass in any relevant certificate course with at least a KCSE Grade C- with at least a C- in Mathematics and English.

Bachelor of Business Information and Technology (BBIT)

This is the course where students get the foundation that enables them to apply the IT theories and principles in addressing and tackling business applications and opportunities.

The entry requirements for this programme is an aggregate grade of C+ (C plus) in K.C.S.E and a minimum grade of C (plain) in Mathematics and English or two principal passes in ‘A’ level or Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE). A Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution is also acceptable.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM)

Due to lack of efficient and effective service delivery in many organizations it’s important that students are equipped with the requisite and necessary skills which are related to business administration and management. The Bachelor of Business Administration and Management course will help fill the gaps the country and most organizations are having due to lack of human resource capacity.

Students who undertake this programme will also be able to apply sound business values and principles in management of organizations.

The entry requirements are an aggregate of C+ in K.C.S.E and a minimum of grade C in mathematics and English. Or be a holder of a diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree course offered by Zetech University and is geared at providing students with the optimal balance between a defined sequence of study and flexible course options. The course helps give the students key practical skills and knowledge required to be the leaders of tomorrow. Students who undertake this course are good in communication, problem solving and critical thinking. The skills and knowledge acquired from this course can be applied in any type of career and so students need not to worry.

courses offered at zetech university

Bachelor of Science

This is a programme, ideal for students who enjoy and are inspired by science. Students get the chance to learn a number of transferable skills which includes analytical methods, laboratory and field techniques, information and technology skills, teamwork and many other skills.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Bsc. IT)

This is a career based programme offered by Zetech University and its major aim is to ensure that students get the required training on how to use and support business related computer systems. The course equips the students with the knowledge of different programming techniques, as well as, software and hardware configurations.

Students who undertake this course end up as IT specialists who are capable of providing IT business solutions.

These are some of the Zetech University courses available and there is much more to expect from this recent institution of higher learning.

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