Which are the Best Private Universities in Kenya

Which are the Best Private Universities in Kenya

Students prefer to enroll in private universities in Kenya for many reasons. There are those who are looking for particular courses which may not be offered by public institutions of higher learning in Kenya. Others are looking to enjoy the facilities and well maintained infrastructure that many public universities lack.

7 Best Private Universities in Kenya

Whatever your reasons are for looking at private universities, here is a list of 7 institutions you may want to consider.

Strathmore University

Strathmore University was founded in 1961. It started out as a college for those who pursued advanced level form 6. Today, Strathmore Business School has an outstanding reputation not just in Kenya but in many other countries as well.

the best universities in kenya

The institution is known to instill professionalism and a spirit for excellence from the very beginning. Strathmore has focused on both academic and personal development. Students at the school are not allowed to dress ‘unprofessionally’ while attending their classes every weekday.

Strathmore University was ranked the top private university in Kenya in last year’s Webometrics System of Ranking Universities. It mainly focuses on business, but other disciplines like Arts and Science are also taught.

Daystar University

Daystar University has a very long and intriguing history. What most people don’t know is that the school was initially located in Zimbabwe. However, it was relocated after the country went through civil unrest and then founded in 1975.

Daystar is one of the largest private universities in Kenya. The main campus sits on a 300 acre piece of land in Athi River. The university is also known to attract a high number of international students. Local students also flock the institution because of its good reputation.

Catholic university of Eastern Africa

CUEA was founded in 1984 as a graduate school. The school was later accredited in 1992 to offer higher education. CUEA has several regional campuses in the country. It is located in Langata and offers a wide array of courses from business to arts and theology.

It is a Christian university that was founded on certain values which they hold dear. The beautiful institution also attracts a good number of international students.

Mount Kenya University

The Mount Kenya University is among the most well-known institutions of higher learning in Kenya. The main campus is located in Thika town with other regional campuses all over the country. MKU offers a variety of business related courses.

The rapid growth of MKU has seen it attract over 5,000 students taking a variety of diploma, degree and postgraduate courses. MKU offers a unique learning environment and is arguably one of the most affordable private universities in Kenya.

African Nazarene University

The African Nazarene University was established with one main goal in mind, to create a training institution for the clergy. It started out as an institution of higher learning that offers theology and other religious courses.

But today, the African Nazarene University is located in Ongata Rongai has a very diverse list of courses. Most of the people who join Nazarene University pursue theology, business administration and post graduate degrees in religion.

African Nazarene is considered among the top private universities in Kenya for many reasons. The beautiful school that covers more than 70 acres of land in the outskirts of the capital, offers a very conducive learning environment away from the noisy city centers.

Kenya Methodist University

The Kenya Methodist University received its charter to become a private university in Kenya in 2006. Since then, the school has grown extensively and is now one of the largest private universities in Kenya with a population of over 9,000 students.

The main campus of KEMU is situated in Meru. The school is considered on the most beautiful landmarks in Meru County. KEMU offer a variety of Arts and Science courses. The school has 19 academic departments and because of the rapid growth and development, this number is bound to increase over the years. KEMU also has a campus in Nairobi CBD that is strategically situated in the nation’s capital.

USIU (United States International University)

USIU is one of the universities in Kenya that attracts the highest number of international students. It is considered as one of the most beautiful institutions of higher learning in Kenya. USIU has invested a lot not just on quality education and personal development of its students but also on the infrastructure.

Step into the situation and you’ll agree that it has a well maintained lawn, state of the art facilities and lecture halls which meet the international standards.

Which private university in Kenya should you go to?

When looking to join a private university, you need to consider several factors. First, you need to determine whether the tuition fee is suitable for you since many of them offer semesters that are quite expensive.

You also need to consider the institution’s proximity as well as reputation. If the school is located in an urban center where cost of living is high, you should expect to spend more on your education. All in all, the above mentioned private universities in Kenya are among the best we’ve got. Any one of them can be a good fit.

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19 comments on “Which are the Best Private Universities in Kenya

  1. Some of kenya’s public universities r operating just lyk private ones..A perfect example is JKUAT…….I prefer studyng in a private one since the cost is just the xame as in public universities…..Y waste ur resources only tu b in very poor structures…The xame amount of cash can sufficiently keep u in very luxurious structures wiz de best facilities… xo itx upon u guys tu chooose…..

  2. I do my studies at Mount Kenya university.I Preferred it over the public universities because it limits overcrowding for learning materials and social amenities.Students strikes which destruct learning process are zero or minimal in private university.

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  5. i prefer mku as the best private uni bcoz it is affordable,well equiped with learning resourses eg library, ict etc no strike wich do not interfere learning ,,,,etc

  6. Am @ Daystar university Athiriver campus….I prefer it over other public universities because it ain’t located in an urban center wea students spend a lot of money going out clubing n outings….it also instils great values n its good for me n 4 Waht a want

  7. Is it A fact that a graduate from a private school is less considered than a public graduate in times of Job opportunities and awarding of jobs

    • It all depends on how you position yourself. Most employers/companies will not take much consideration of what institution you attended but your merit. However, you should .ensure that you attend an accredited institution for better chances, whether it is private or public

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