why kenyans study abroad

Study Abroad – Why you Need to Consider

Very many Kenyans are now exploring the option of studying abroad. One can choose to study abroad for one reason or another. As much as there are very many public and private universities in Kenya, there are very many advantages that you can get if you study abroad.

Some Popular Study Abroad Destinations

Some countries/universities are considered popular among Kenyan students for different reasons. It could be financing or the ease of enrollment to study in these universities. However, it is important that you enroll in your university of choice because of all the right reasons and not only because it fits your budget.

reasons why kenyans should study abroad

Below are some of the most popular universities in different countries that are mostly popular among Kenyan university students who opt to study abroad.

  1. Germany- Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  2. France- Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
  3. UK- University of Cambridge
  4. Australia- Australian National University
  5. Norway- University of Oslo
  6. Costa Rica- University of Costa Rica
  7. Denmark- University of Copenhagen
  8. Switzerland- ETH Zurich
  9. United States – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. South Africa- University of Cape Town

There are very many options available but these are the most popular across popular countries that Kenyans opt for.

Why Kenyans should Study Abroad

Below are some of the best reasons why Kenyan students should consider studying abroad.

Acquire Better Experience

As much as Kenya boasts of various public and private universities, we cannot confidently say that they are the best in the world. World universities rankings have shown that Kenyan universities are ranked rather poorly. While institutions in Kenya are working to improve on quality and compete with the other universities in the world. Studying abroad can help a student acquire better experience that can be applied in the job market, especially locally.

Broaden your Perception

Go out there and get a new experience. You will find out that Kenya has its own set of “cultures” that we follow, even professionally. It can be an eye opener when you visit other countries to broaden your perception and experience how others handle things, especially professionally. You can then borrow a few leaves improve your own scope.

Improve your Professional Potential

Other countries are somehow advanced both academically and professionally. Studying in countries abroad will expose you to a bank of academic and professional treasures that students who study in local universities and colleges are not so lucky to get. You will open your eyes to a whole new experience that can letter be brought back home.

World Wide Degree Recognition

As much as we boast of various iconic institutions of higher learning in Kenya, they do not amount to much globally. Many times, degrees and certificates from local colleges and universities in Kenya are not recognized in other countries. When you want to get a job abroad or simply further your studies, you may be required to put in some extra work so that you are allowed to proceed.

What does this mean? In world university rankings, Kenyan universities are normally ranked poorly when you compare them to other institutions of higher learning in the world.  Even when comparing with other African universities, the Kenyan universities are not really performing exceptionally well and it is just the University of Nairobi that is working its way to the top.

Increase your Network

Ever heard the saying that “your network is your net worth” ? This becomes extremely important especially after you are done with your college or university education and enter the job market. Studying in universities abroad can really expose you to an invaluable professional network. You can either chose to find jobs in the country you have studied in or simply return home. The relations you will build in the foreign countries can come in handy.

Take Africa to the World

There is always these common stereotypes that other continents have about Africa. Many think that in African countries, people still live in the jungle and there is no form of civilization in the African countries.

study abroad - take africa to the world

How about you try changing how they perceive Kenyans and Africans in general. You can simply act as an ambassador and show them that there is more to Kenya that the common norms in media depicting starvation and other negative aspects.

These are some of the best reasons why any Kenyan student should consider studying abroad. You can really use this to build yourself as a person and change the country for the better. What other reason would make you want to study abroad?

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