a list of the top 5 flower farms in Kenya

A List of the Top 5 Flower Farms in Kenya

Of all the beautiful things that exist on planet earth, flowers take the front stage, second only to human beings. Flowers have the power to make a dull day seem bright. They can light up a dull room and make it bright and beautiful. Flowers also have a positive effect on the moods of people. When someone is sick or feeling low, bring them a bouquet of flowers and they will definitely light up in smiles and their moods will change for the better. Flower farms in Kenya have answered to the need of beauty and happiness that people need every other day.

The managers of these farms ensure that there is a constant supply of flowers throughout the year no matter the season. Flowers are used for different occasions; weddings, graduations, funerals, birthdays, inauguration ceremonies and many more. They can also be used to show feelings and emotions like love, apologies and gratitude.

Top Flower Farms in Kenya

There are several flower farms in Kenya and they include:

Desire Flora

Desire Flora (K) Ltd has over the years built its name as one of the best flower farms in Kenya. Desire Flora grows one of the finest ranges of varieties of flowers in the region. Their flowers are grown in greenhouses and they take great care of their flowers from the cut stage through to the cold rooms to ensure that the flowers stay as fresh as possible and don’t get bruised or damaged.

top flower farms in kenya

Oserian Flower Farm

Located in Naivasha, the Oserian flower farm is one of the largest and technically advanced flower farms in Kenya. Started in 1969 as a family vegetable farm, Oserian has evolved into one of the largest flower farms in Kenya. It distributes flowers locally and abroad.

Agriflora Kenya Limited

Agriflora Kenya Ltd is also one of the flower farms in Kenya. It is located in Njoro, about 20KM away from Nakuru town. It was established in 1995 and has over the time grown into one of the greatest flower exporters in Kenya.

Isinya Roses

Isinya Roses, one of the flower farms in Kenya is a major export of flowers to several countries across the world. It is located in Kitengela town, Kajiado district. The flower farm began in 2001 and has over the years bloomed, like a flower itself, to be one of the biggest exporter of flowers in Kenya.

Equator Flowers Kenya

Equator flowers a member of the many flower farms in Kenya under the management of Sian Roses Group is located East of Eldoret town. Equator flower farm was established in 1997 and has managed to remain at the top list of flower exporters in Kenya. It recently started a line of spray roses. Equator flowers management team has been able to contribute positively to the community it is located in by supporting learning in the community through the grants it gives to schools in the area.

Whatever you have to do or say, express it with flowers for flowers are worth a million words. Thanks to the flower farms in Kenya, Kenyans have been able to express their feelings and personalities through flowers.

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4 comments on “A List of the Top 5 Flower Farms in Kenya

  1. I have been contented and appreciate the work of flower farms in Kenya..I could wish to join Equator flower farm in East of Eldoret town..

  2. really like the flowers since they have greater roles in our country as well as the community am wishing to work with you in future thanks.

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