kenyan jobs that do not require a degree

Kenyan Jobs you can get without a College Degree

The cost of undergraduate education is at an all-time high. Parents are spending millions educating their children in order to increase their chances of getting the best Kenyan jobs. But for those who are yet to pursue undergraduate studies, you need to be hunting for jobs that pay well and don’t require a degree.

10 Kenyan Jobs that don’t need a degree

The good thing about these Kenyan jobs is that they mostly require skills. So if you’ve got the right skills and a little training on the job, you are good to go. Here are 10 jobs in Kenya that don’t require a college degree.

Makeup artists

If you love applying makeup, why not offer this as a professional service? There are people who are paid good money to apply makeup during special events like corporate functions, weddings and the like. There’s your chance to make some good money making people look beautiful.


Hairdressers are no longer the professionals you always assume earn peanuts. These beauticians earn some good money, especially when employed in top salons and executive barbershops in Kenya.

jobs in kenya - hair stylists

Insurance agents

If you have the ability to sell and the patience to deal with all kinds of people, apply for a job as an insurance broker. Those who are good at it, earn more than the average professionals. You just have to be good at sales in order to make it in this demanding career.

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistants are among the Kenyan jobs that don’t require an undergraduate degree. If you were really good at a certain subject in high school, you can get a remote school to offer your skills as you supplement your education and get proper training on how to teach.

Online marketer

Since the world is going digital, online marketers are a highly demanded lot. These professionals need not have a degree, but you must be good with computers, and keep up with the changing technology, in order to do this kind of job.

kenyan jobs - online marketer

Web designer

Some of the best web designers are self-taught. They don’t have any computer science degree yet they manage to get the best Kenyan jobs. They’ve improved their skills over the years and now they earn an attractive salary due to their creativity.

Police/army officer

If you have an inclination to serve our country then consider joining the Kenya police or army. These are two areas where you can get in without a college degree. However, the demand is usually high and sometimes it’s just luck to get in.

Flight attendant

Most flight attendants have not undergone undergraduate programs. They are chosen and then trained on the job. However, it helps if you have the looks and the height required for the job.


kenyan jobs that do not require a college degree
Blogging is among the Kenyan jobs that are expected to be booming in the coming years. As more people are realizing the importance of having a digital presence, bloggers are getting bigger and better opportunities to make money regardless of their level of education.


There are electrical experts who don’t have any degrees, but have the skill and experience to get the job done safely and correctly. You’ll need to do some certificate courses in order to qualify as an electrician.

There are many other Kenyan jobs that don’t require any degree. You just have to do your research properly and send as many applications as you can.

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3 comments on “Kenyan Jobs you can get without a College Degree

  1. i am 30 yrs old and i have no college degree but i did my A levels in 2005 can u get me a job that i will be trained first?

  2. i am 23 years old can i get a job of flight attedant or insurence agent? am sure i can do it please. Thank you

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