a list of shops for online shopping in kenya

A List of Top Shops for Online Shopping in Kenya

Shopping has never been made easier and better since the advent of online shopping in Kenya. There are many people who can attest to the beauty of shopping online in Kenya and it must be the second best thing to happen after sliced bread; this might look like a joke but it is true.

People are busy nowadays and they get busier as the days go by that they hardly get enough time for rest let alone time to go shopping. It becomes even harder because sometimes you need to go to many shops to look out for one item and compare their prices before you make your final decision on where to buy. Shopping online in Kenya makes it easier for shoppers to browse through many different shops in the comfort of their homes or office desks.

With access to internet and the world being digital, Kenya has embraced this aspect. Many businesses have decided to set up shop online simply because it gets to a larger number of customers. Most people prefer shopping online due to their tight schedules.

online shopping in kenya

Top Kenya Online Shopping Stores

There are several stores that do online shopping in Kenya. The list below shows the top online stores in Kenya:

Binti Online Wholesale Shop

Binti online shop is one of the best online stores in Kenya. The shop focuses on women fashion in Kenya offering various fashion products for the trendy Kenyan girl/woman. The best think about the shop is that it offers quality products at wholesale prices.

The shop stocks ladies clothes, fashion accessories, jewelry, handbags, perfumes, bath and body lotions, make up, ladies shoes among other products. You can conveniently pay for your products from their website and get them delivered to you.

Uchumi Supermarket Online Store

Uchumi Supermarket has been around for a long time now and it has been one of the leading supermarkets in Kenya for a while now. It has managed to embrace the digital nature of the ever changing world.

It was among the first supermarkets to set up an online store to allow shoppers do their shopping online in Kenya and beyond. Uchumi Supermarket offers a variety of goods for shoppers to choose from and makes it convenient for shoppers to get their goods from anywhere and at any time.

Mitumba Kenya Online Store

Mitumba Kenya Online Store came up to answer to the need of Kenyans to acquire clothes at a subsidized rate. Mitumba (slang for second hand clothes), is preferred by most middle class Kenyans because they are affordable and durable. It has made Kenya online shopping easier because you don’t have to physically walk to the market to get the clothes.

Mama Mikes Online Store

Mama Mike’s online shop was opened to respond to the need for friends and family to share gifts, despite the distance that might come between due to unavoidable circumstances. As the name suggests, it has made online shopping in Kenya a worthwhile experience as it is a friendly online store that makes shoppers feel so at home.

Supa Mamas Online Store

People might know how daunting a task motherhood can be but Supa mamas understands exactly what it takes to be a mother. Supa mamas is a Kenya online shopping store that came up to help mothers in Kenya to acquire quality baby products at affordable rates within a short period and with little energy.

Hello Food

For food lovers with tight schedules, hello food in a Kenya shopping online store that answers to the need of having a place to acquire food items at the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do is log into the online store and browse through their products then order for what you require.

Online shopping in Kenya has made life much easier and convenient for all and sundry and it is something that is here to stay.


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