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University Of Nairobi- 7 Key Areas That Need Improvement

Today, we’re in the business of reviewing Kenya’s top University (according to webometrics) – University of Nairobi. This institution of higher learning has made remarkable achievements for the many years that it has graced our nation. Some of the best brains, not just in Kenya but in the entire world, were students at UoN. However, it still has to go a long way in order to become a ‘world class university’.

With over 68,000 students, UoN like many other universities in Kenya, is going through its fair share of challenges. Let’s look at a couple of things we think Kenya’s largest university needs to improve on if they are to offer a better learning environment for its students and staff. Your contribution in the comment section below will be highly appreciated.

University of Nairobi’s Flaws

Nothing is perfect. The one way you can improve something is to critic it. Below are a few flaws that UoN can work to improve on to make the institution an even better university than what it is today.

Halls of Residence

university of nairobi halls of residence hall 4

University of Nairobi halls of residence need some form of renovation. The University has made an effort to improve the state of their administration block and the external areas that lead to the accommodation halls but you’d wonder why the same effort has not been placed to improve accommodation facilities inside the halls. The student leadership should do something about this.

Customer Service

Proper customer service may not be lacking in all departments but a majority of the staff at UoN, especially at the reception area, need to be a little more customer friendly. This experience may not have affected you but drop in at the UoN admissions office to request for the admission letters or even make an enquiry and you’ll get a firsthand experience of the kind of customer service some of the people at the reception area have to offer. The staff could be overworked but this is no reason to treat anyone who visits the institution rudely.

Not 100% computerized

Even though the university has made efforts to automate many services via the University of Nairobi online portal, a lot can still be done to make the institution more digitized. For instance, the university can have people make applications online instead of doing it manually at the main campus. The online portal also needs some improvement to make it more reliable especially during the beginning of the semester when a large number of students are accessing it at the same time. Sometimes the system can go down or become really slow and the institution needs to look into this.


Bureaucracy is not just a problem at the University of Nairobi but in almost all public universities in Kenya. Getting some simple process over and done with can take years. Some students who have had cases with the university have had to wait for years in order for them to arrive at a conclusion. This is not only a waste of time for the affected parties but it is also a waste of resources. The university should consider reviewing some of their regulations to eliminate the red tape that has been in existence for many years.

Application Process

Applying for any program at the University of Nairobi is a process, and most of you especially the self-sponsored students will agree. Since we must give credit where it deserves, we will applaud the institution for making the application forms available online so that one can just download them and present them at the school after filling in the details and paying the non-refundable application fee. However, the university needs to improve on the method of communication to students who have qualified after making an application. They promise to send text messages to notify applicants who have been accepted but some of them don’t receive them.

Course Registration

Students at UoN are required to register for the courses they’ll take at any given semester before the classes begin. We must say, the registration of courses was made very easy by the online portal. However, students have still complained of errors after registering online so the system needs some improvement.

university of nairobi - flaws to be addressed

Payment of Fees

UoN made it easier for students to get their fee statement by introducing the students online portal. The fees can be paid in installments as directed by the university. However, the institution can still offer a more flexible fee payment structure for self sponsored students so that they are able to complete the fees before the exam date.

UoN has made some improvements to make it a better institution that represents Kenya in the best light. However, if the above changes are implemented, University of Nairobi would be the perfect place to pursue further studies in Kenya.

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