Social SEO and Your Business: A Love Story

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It’s a Friday night and the bar is noisy and crowded. You catch the eye of a handsome stranger and before you know it they are coming over to check you out and (hopefully) strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, barely anything you say can be heard over the busy hum of the crowd of people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal as you. He quickly loses interest and, in an instant, is on to the next.


Trying to meet someone and form a connection with them that will extend beyond that night is surprisingly similar to the workings of social SEO. While having a high-quality website is important, it is not enough anymore if you wish to compete with other businesses in your field. You have to interact with your audience and maintain active participation in order to drive traffic to your site. Social media is a great way to achieve these goals…

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University Of Nairobi- 7 Key Areas That Need Improvement

Today, we’re in the business of reviewing Kenya’s top University (according to webometrics) – University of Nairobi. This institution of higher learning has made remarkable achievements for the many years that it has graced our nation. Some of the best brains, not just in Kenya but in the entire world, were students at UoN. However, it still has to go a long way in order to become a ‘world class university’.

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