how to choose colleges in nairobi kenya

How to Choose Good Colleges in Nairobi

The process of getting the right college is a long and tiresome one. Either you get a good college but the cost of studying there is too high for you or you get a college that you can afford but it is not recognized.

How to choose Colleges offering Software Engineering in Kenya

When choosing colleges in Nairobi there are factors that you should consider, these factors will assist you to choose the right college that fits your budget.

These factors include


First of all you should never let the price of a school discourage you from applying. However, it is good to be realistic and wise when choosing the college you want. Do not choose a college that costs a lot more than you can afford. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on college then choose the college.

It is also important that you look for scholarships that you are eligible for to help reduce the burden of paying college fee. If you have been working and saving up for college then you are in a better position to pay your own fee.

Field of study

Apart from the finances, it is also very important to consider the field of study you want. You cannot choose a college that you do not offer the course you want. Though most major colleges in Kenya offer almost all courses it’s good to first find a good college that offers the course you want.

And don’t forget to check out the specific professors in your field of study because they will be directly responsible for what you learn or don’t. You should also be aware of enrolment patterns at the college. For instance, if some majors are impacted, you will need to either select a different major or go to school elsewhere.

Where you will live

You need to decide where you will live, as in the location of the school and where you will live, as in housing. Let’s look at location first. Are you willing to go to school out of Nairobi? Are you ready to accept being so far away from home?

What about being in an area with different weather? Can you afford to build a separate wardrobe for say a winter climate? And what about being in a place that has less to offer socially than where you live?

choosing colleges in nairobi

If you’re used to being a hop, skip and a jump away from big malls, then going to college in a rural area may not be what you’re looking for. And if you’re planning on working part-time are there any jobs available near the college of your choice?

Accreditation-it is also important to review the schools accreditation. We have of cases where people have gone to school and after four years of study they are told that the course they are doing is not recognized and neither is the college. It is true that unaccredited colleges don’t receive financial aid.

Graduation Rate

Graduating from college is definitely more important than getting accepted. Without graduation, what’s the point of being accepted in the first place? When considering a college, review the percentage of students who complete the full program. If most people don’t finish the program then you should ask yourself why.

Student to Faculty Ratio

If you want or need one-on-one assistance from your professors, examine the student to faculty ratio very closely. There are colleges that have too many students compared to lecturers such that teaching becomes an issue.

Other factors that people should consider when choosing colleges in Nairobi

  • Transportation
  • Party life
  • Alumni network
  • Quality of lecturers and professors

When trying to gauge the colleges in Nairobi ensure that you have the above Factors in mind.

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