a look into the top 5 supermarkets in Kenya

The Top 5 Supermarkets in Kenya

There are many supermarkets in Kenya. Each day in a particular neighborhood, a new one comes up. They play a major part in our Kenyan society, especially for the reason that they bring goods and products close to the people at a fair price.

Over the years, new supermarkets have sprung up while others have gone under. There is so much competition in the market and therefore it calls for a decent budget to successfully run and manage your supermarket.

Carefully managing supermarkets have seen some supermarkets in Kenya springing up from small minimarts to big supermarket brands in Kenya. Many supermarket brands in Kenya have stood the test of time. Others might even have gone under for a while to later spring up better. In my opinion, management is key to the survival of supermarkets, especially if they have already built the brand name.

Supermarkets in Kenya enjoying the Market Share

Below is a list of the major supermarket brands competing for the market share in Kenya. Consumers flock these supermarkets each day to get one product or the other.

top 5 supermarkets in Kenya

#5 Eastmatt Supermarket

Eastmatt is a family owned supermarket that was started somewhere in Mau Narok. If fast gained popularity in the area before it opened a branch in Eastleigh, Nairobi Eastleigh Matresses Ltd. That is where they coined the name Eastmatt.

Eastmatt has several branches around the country with Nairobi having several. Other branches are in Kitengela, Tala and Mwea with the company eyeing other counties in Kenya.

#4 Naivas Supermarket

Naivas is another well known supermarket in Kenya that has over the years experienced fast growth to command a share in the market. Naivas has gained popularity within a short period of time because of the competitive prices they set for their products.

Naivas has several branches countrywide, including Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. Their latest branch was opened in the new Thika Road Mall along the new Thika Super Highway. Other towns with Naivas supermarkets include Nakuru, Kitui, Narok, Machakos etc. Nairobi alone has more than 8 branches in the city and its environs.

#3 Nakumatt Supermarket

Nakumatt is one of the well known supermarkets in Kenya. The supermarket started in 1987 and have over the years grown to be one of the leading supermarket chains in Kenya. Each day, it is estimated that they serve over 200,000 customers in their branches spread across the country.

Nakumatt have spread their branches out of Kenya and can be found in various East African countries including Tanzania and Uganda. They have an innovative team with the recently introduced Nakumatt Global card that serves as a customer loyalty points collection card and customers can transact using it as well.
Their most recent branch was established in Mugoya, South C Nairobi and with just over 4 months, the branch enjoys a considerable amount of customers. However, it is a shame that the supermarket is leading with innovations such as the Nakumatt Global card, but there is no online store that shoppers can buy products online from.

#2 Tuskys Supermarket

Tuskys Supermarket is another family owned supermarket that has grown over the years to where it is right now. It is more than 10 years old and was started in Nakuru as Tusker Matresses Limited. There are very many branches spread across the country and one opened in Uganda.

Tuskys has had its fair share of controversies, especially after the founding father passed away. It was held publicly in family wrangles that have since settled, at least to the public eye.

Tuskys team has fresh ideas including ready to eat food, including bakeries and other homemade local foods. The foods are popular, especially among the young Kenyans that prefer buying ready to eat foods to cooking.

#1 Uchumi Supermarket

When it comes to supermarkets in Kenya, uchumi supermarket is one of the well known supermarkets with branches around the country. Uchumi is the oldest supermarket in Kenya and was started back in 1976. It is the one of the leaders in the industry spearheading concepts such as the hypermarket.

The Uchumi Supermarket has several branches in different counties across Kenya and has extended its reach in other East African countries like Tanzania and Uganda. Uchumi Supermarket also has very innovative staff who are future oriented.

They are the first supermarket chain in Kenya to start an online shop for their supermarket. Customers of Uchumi can now buy products from the online shop and this has made them trendsetters and soon other supermarket chains are expected to follow suit.

The future of supermarkets in Kenya is so bright and we can only expect stiffer competition. The good thing with competition among supermarket brands in Kenya is that the customers are the ones that benefit with prices being competitive in order to win the hearts of the masses. I cannot wait for this competition to shift online with the major supermarkets in Kenya leading the price wars so that Kenyans can get better and better products from the supermarkets.

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  1. I have space for a supermarket in Syokimau located on Katani Road,,,Good catchment area. Nearest suppermarkets are Naivas at gateway mall 3kms away and Mulleys wwhich is also a distance far but both of them drawing a big number of their customers from Syokimau…..Any one willing to take it for lease? its 12000sqft

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