machakos town and hotels in machakos

How to go about Finding Cheap Hotels in Machakos

Machakos is fast becoming one of the most vibrant towns in Kenya. People often visit Machakos for business or pleasure. While visiting , some of them will need to find cheap hotels in Machakos where they can just stay for a few days then leave. How do you then find cheap hotels without really compromising on the quality?

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a look into the top 5 supermarkets in Kenya

The Top 5 Supermarkets in Kenya

There are many supermarkets in Kenya. Each day in a particular neighborhood, a new one comes up. They play a major part in our Kenyan society, especially for the reason that they bring goods and products close to the people at a fair price.

Over the years, new supermarkets have sprung up while others have gone under. There is so much competition in the market and therefore it calls for a decent budget to successfully run and manage your supermarket.

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data warehousing information process

The use of Data Warehousing Information Delivery in Businesses

According to Wikipedia, a data warehouse is a database used for data reporting and data analysis in support management, decision making process and identifying new opportunities. The data warehouse keeps on evolving in line with the changes of business needs. The data warehousing information delivery process which is used to deliver the data warehouse is therefore very important.

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flowers waste management

Flowers Waste Management in Kenya

Flowers waste management is a must-know issue for the flower farmers and producers as well as consumers. As much as flowers are very important to the Kenyan economy in many ways, for instance earning the country foreign exchange, its production should never be a threat to the Kenyan environment. This is why before farmers begin to venture into flower farming they need to have clear and laid out strategies on how they will conduct flowers waste management.

Like any other products, flower production could lead to a lot of toxic waste which could pose risk to the environment and the flora and fauna in the ecosystem. Effective ways hence need to be employed to minimize this pollution Continue reading