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Review: Spuds Bar and Restaurant South C

Over my Easter Holidays, I was looking for somewhere to spend my Easter Sunday. My main agenda was eating Nyama Choma (mbuzi) and I did not have that luxury of going to Olepolos Country Club because time and gas did not allow. I wanted somewhere close to home so that I can simply go back home any time I felt like.  So I started browsing in my neighbourhood and landed at Spuds Bar and Restaurant, right at the heart of South C (now you know where I live).

I was with a couple of diasporan(rongai) friends who decided to spend their Easter holiday in ‘town’. I was happy to host them and show them around. Therefore, from my home we drove for about 5 minutes and got to Spuds Bar and Restaurant. I parked just outside Spuds and because I had a family with me, I went to a nearby bank to withdraw cash from my bank’s ATM.

Got back and in a minute and my friends had already settled and one was at the grill choosing the best meat. I must say, I was impressed at first glance. I was ushered in and the staff there were very friendly. I went to join my friend at the grill because that was the major reason of my visit, aside from football, a topic I will try to avoid in this post.

Facilities at Spuds Bar and Restaurant

Spuds Bar and Restaurant has various facilities that clients can use.


The Spuds is ideally a bar with customers having the option of sitting by the counter or on the bar space with comfy chairs and tables around. You can opt to sit inside or outside under a shade. There is nothing you would want and not get from the bar. All brands of local beers are available and at the best price you can get. Different wines, vodkas, whiskeys and gin are also available from the bar with friendly waiters and waitresses.

Spuds bar and restaurant

There is nothing more boring than drinking in silence. Well, at spuds, be sure to enjoy very cool and soothing music while you make merry with your friends and family. I remember this little girl from across our table was dancing to “Hivo ndio Kunaendanga”. I even learnt the song as I had never heard it before and made me wish I had a baby girl (Vision 2030).

2. Sports Bar

The Spuds is a complete sports bar. There are several screens that you can watch live sports matches from across the world. The major sports loved by many is of course football. They have a number of screens that you can watch live football from and customers can enjoy different matches from different screens in the bar.

I was impressed by the place and as much as we had planned to go to Nairobi West later to catch the Everton vs Manchester United game, we just decided that Spuds was a better option all the same. So we stayed and watched as Liverpool hammered NorwichCity 3 – 2, Arsenal hammer Hull City 3 – 0 and now it came time for my team Manchester United play Everton. I’d rather not speak about football after this. It about Spuds and not Manchester, If you know what I mean.

3. Private Bar

They have a private party at Spuds Bar and Restaurant. This is the ideal place to have a party or if you just want your privacy at the bar. The private bar is private as the name suggests even though I did not get the chance to try it out but It seems like a good ideal and for my next birthday, I might consider.

4. The Grill

This was my heaven. Just at the hallway while entering spuds, the grill is on your left and you can just pass the aroma of fresh nyama choma. Simply irresistible. I must add that the chef at the grill really knew what he was doing. The meat is just on point and you can’t simply visit Spuds South C without trying out their nyamchom.

5. Money Services

Before entering spuds, I went to the ATM outside not knowing that there are various money services inside the bar itself. They have Mpesa and other mobile services. You can also withdraw from your bank as they have agent services of the various banks as well. That’s cool and risky too if you do not have self control.

6. Free WiFi

If you are anti social, you do not have to worry. Just ensure your smartphone is fired up when you are dragged to hangout at the Spuds in South C. You will enjoy free WiFi as you “hangout” with your friends. Look at it as simply extending the party to your other friends online.

Well, for others who want to use the internet positively, you are welcome any time with your laptop and work as you enjoy drinks from the bar. It is very relaxing and you can get a lot done even during the weekend while taking your days off. At times it is recommended you work while during your off days but we all know that at times it is absolutely necessary. This is an ideal place if you want to get creative because the atmosphere is great and I am very sure it is even better during the weekdays.

The Bottom Line

After my experience at the Spuds Bar and Restaurant in South C, I would give them 5stars. Simply because I have stayed in South C for a while and every time I would want to simply hangout or just catch a football match, I would have to go all the way to Nairobi West or town.

However, Spuds offers something different. It is a place that you can go party hard with your friends or take your family for a relaxing Sunday lunch after church. The place is electric and the customer service is impeccable. I always have an issue with customer service and I will recognize a bad one when I experience it. It seems the management of Spuds values customer service and so do all the other staff members.

I loved Spuds South C and so did my diasporan friends. I really had fun at Spuds Bar and Restaurant in South C and will definitely go back very soon (FYI – Manchster United lost 2 – 0).



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