how to get the best car price in kenya

What are the Estimates of Car Prices in Kenya?

Car price in Kenya varies widely from dealer to dealer. When you are faced with a decision to buy a car in Kenya, it is not an easy task. It takes careful planning and it may takes weeks or even months before you come to the ultimate decision of which car you want to buy.

Depending on your particular intentions of buying a car, you will find that you have very many options to choose from. Maybe you want a small car that would just take you from point A to B with the least amount of fuel. You may also want to transport agricultural produce from a far somewhere to supply in the city. You are usually faced with various decisions to make before you settle on a particular brand or model.

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spuds bar and restaurant south c - nyama choma

Review: Spuds Bar and Restaurant South C

Over my Easter Holidays, I was looking for somewhere to spend my Easter Sunday. My main agenda was eating Nyama Choma (mbuzi) and I did not have that luxury of going to Olepolos Country Club because time and gas did not allow. I wanted somewhere close to home so that I can simply go back home any time I felt like.  So I started browsing in my neighbourhood and landed at Spuds Bar and Restaurant, right at the heart of South C (now you know where I live).

I was with a couple of diasporan(rongai) friends who decided to spend their Easter holiday in ‘town’. I was happy to host them and show them around. Therefore, from my home we drove for about 5 minutes and got to Spuds Bar and Restaurant. I parked just outside Spuds and because I had a family with me, I went to a nearby bank to withdraw cash from my bank’s ATM.

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community health services (CHS) Kenya

Do you Know about Community Health Services Kenya?

So what really is the Community Health Services Kenya and why should anyone care about it? In Kenya, health has always been a very sensitive issue. That is why the government of Kenya has always had the Ministry of Health to help tackle the various challenges concerning health in the country. Many people around Kenya live below the poverty line and this exposes them to various health risks.

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