the foothills school kipipiri

A New Leadership Development School Opened in Kenya

Leadership is a field that has great importance but is usually a field that is neglected and there has not been enough nurturing in Kenya to ensure a crop of great leaders emerge. When it comes to leadership, there are various theories suggesting how someone could become a leader. While others suggest that it is hereditary, one theory suggests that leadership can actually be nurtured.

Over the past couple of years in Kenya, we have seen different types of leaders. Some were forced by circumstances while others fought their ways to positions of leadership. Great leadership will help a country or company move forward because with great leadership comes great results.

The Foothills School Kipipiri

A one of a kind leadership development center for boys has been opened in Nyandarua County. The Foothills School Kipipiri opened its doors in 2014 as the first leadership center in Kenya that helps nurture young boys into leadership. Admissions to the school are ongoing and they offer both KCSE and International GCSE for students.

The Foothills School Kipipiri is a great initiative and the first patron for this leadership center is Hon. Amos Kimunya. Kimunya has had a lot of experience as far as leadership is concerned and therefore is best placed to steer the school into producing great future leaders.

The school has various leadership programs and students engage in both academic and extra-curriculum activities. This is because the Foothills School Kipipiri focusses on producing all rounded individuals that will contribute to the country’s future leadership in various sectors.

The Process of Admission at Foothills School

the foothills school kipipiriThe process of admission at the Foothills School is quite simple. You can visit the school to get more information that you may require before making your decision. The school is situated in Kipipiri, Nyandarua but also have offices in Nairobi.

Application forms for admission at the Foothills School Kipipiri are available online from the school’s official website. You can download the forms online or simply go through the online registration process. The process is simple and you can find all the information that you need from their website.

What this Means for the Future

This idea was long overdue. It is high time that we actually teach our children all aspects of leadership to ensure economic and social growth of the country as a whole. In the near future, the government and businesses in Kenya will enjoy a fresh crop of leaders to steer the different businesses and countries to success.

The leaders will be fully equipped with various leadership skills attained at the Foothills School Kipipiri. Students from the Foothills School will be all rounded and ready to fit into any field. The leadership programs at the Foothills ensure that individuals acquire diverse skills that help them fit in various circles in life.

What has been done Similarly in Africa?

The foothills school is one of a kind in Kenya but not in Africa. Oprah Winfrey started a leadership school for girls in South Africa. In her quest to provide a crop of great leaders in South Africa, Oprah started the school to nurture  the girl child into various positions of leadership. South Africa is home to the late Nelson Mandela who is known in Africa and Worldwide for great leadership skills that steered South Africa to Freedom.

The leadership schools in Africa will be a great initiative when it comes to leadership because to be frank, the state of leadership in many countries right now is wanting.


6 comments on “A New Leadership Development School Opened in Kenya

  1. Kenya, as a country is long overdue in having a leadership academy that will not just specialize in producing academic robots as the case has been for a decade of years. I am saying this because I was in the same system for thirty years until I came to the U.S and joined one of the universities to remodel myself as a teacher. That is when I saw a glaring difference.

    • I can’t agree more. If it were up to me, I would say the education system in Kenya need a total overhaul. Its good to focus on academics but then if I just have to cram and pass my exams, I stand no chance to make a difference in the future….

  2. My brother was very happy when I shared this with him. He is so much into politics at a very young age (just imagine he is just preparing for KCSE ) and I think this is a school he will fit best. Now my dad is under pressure…. 🙂 Is there any more info you have on this and or alternatives?

    • Its a place that not only focuses on leadership in the political arena but all other fields as well. Students acquire various leadership skills at Foothills and right now it is one of a kind in Kenya. The fact that your brother is in class 8 is just perfect because he is in time to join the school next year after his KCSE. More information and location of the school can be found on their site or simply call them for more insight

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