A Saudi Family Tortures their Maid

WARNING: The video you are about to watch is too graphical and therefore not suitable for people under 18 and the faint hearted.

A video was released showing a group of Saudi men mercilessly beating up a woman. The woman is believed to be their maid and the men hang her from the ceiling with her head facing down. The men took turns to beating up the helpless woman which is a grave violation of human rights.

There has been lots of reports on violation of human rights by the Saudi people. Many people flock the country in search of jobs opportunities but they end up being treated as slaves. This kind of behaviour has no place in today’s world and this video shows the extremes that humans can go to with no logical explanation.

Watch the video below:


Read more about this story here: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ffb_1385169517


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