Real-life Breaking Bad: Drug dealer called Walter White is jailed for selling meth

Breaking Bad….


If you had the same name as TV’s most famous drug baron, you’d probably steer clear of narcotics, wouldn’t you?

Well, for this drug dealer it was a case of life imitating art.

Incredibly, a real-life meth dealer called Walter White has been jailed for 12 years for selling the drug.

Bearing the same name as the Bryan Cranston character in hit TV drama Breaking Bad, White was caught selling methamphetamine to Nebraska oil field workers.

Police then discovered the 53-year-old, from Montana, was the region’s main dealer when his own son shot him in a drug debt dispute.

‘Multiple evidence’ – including four ounces of meth, two guns and more than £9,000 in cash – was found by police when they searched his house.

White’s initial nine-year sentence for dealing meth was later increased by three to reflect a firearms conviction.

However, unlike his Breaking Bad counterpart, White was…

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A Saudi Family Tortures their Maid

WARNING: The video you are about to watch is too graphical and therefore not suitable for people under 18 and the faint hearted.

A video was released showing a group of Saudi men mercilessly beating up a woman. The woman is believed to be their maid and the men hang her from the ceiling with her head facing down. The men took turns to beating up the helpless woman which is a grave violation of human rights.

There has been lots of reports on violation of human rights by the Saudi people. Many people flock the country in search of jobs opportunities but they end up being treated as slaves. This kind of behaviour has no place in today’s world and this video shows the extremes that humans can go to with no logical explanation.

Watch the video below:


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UK weather: Dramatic footage shows planes unable to land at Birmingham Airport amid gale-force winds

I can only imagine how the passengers felt like through this whole experience.


Dramatic amateur video footage posted on YouTube has shown at least two planes aborting landing attempts as gale-force winds batter the UK.

According to David Goodship, the Emirates Boeing 777 in the first clip missed two approaches at Birmingham Airport before being diverted to London Gatwick.

A smaller Brussels Airlines Dash 8 turboprop was also unable to land, amid wind speeds of between 60mph and 80mph.

Birmingham Airport told Metro two other planes had been diverted because of the wind, but that conditions were forecast to ease up going into the evening.

‘Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline before arriving at the airport,’ a spokesperson added.

At least two people have been killed during the period of extreme weather, with a lorry driver dying when his HGV was blown on top of two cars in West Lothian and a man being killed by…

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You Are The Result of Results

Nice Piece

The Better Man Project ™


There is truth to be found in being lost. If you listen hard you will be able to hear things you’ve never heard before. When things are going strong, life is easy. You can step on the gas and go a little bit faster. But when you come to a screeching halt, pull off the road, and get out of the car to walk around a little bit…that’s when things can get pretty interesting. Those are the moments when you really need to listen to what is going on inside.

Sometimes you have to disconnect. We live in a very busy world. There is a ton of information, massive amounts of media, and opportunities to forget what truly matter in this life (at least from what I’ve found). Sitting down and connecting with others and talking about things in real life has become more and more rare. Being able to…

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