Emerging Trends in Social Media in Kenya

Social media is the interaction of a group of people through internet. People tend to create and share ideas or information through internet. In the recent years, the use of social media in Kenya has grown rapidly with many people seeing it as an easier way of communication and sharing of ideas. This has led to development   of markets and eased the way of interaction of people.

Development of social media in Kenya.

Mobile internet

The usage of mobile phones has increased in the Kenyan market since it is the most effective and easier way of communication recently. People of all ages across Kenya prefer usage of mobile phones for firsthand information and emerging news across the country since they carry around with them their mobile phones.

Internet markets

With the rapid growing of the internet usage across the world, Kenya is in the rise of copping up with the already developed technological countries like China and Indonesia. This is achieved through the encouragement of the usage of the android platform supporting phones which can easily be used in communication and sharing of ideas through the internet.

Introduction of e-learning

Social media development in Kenya has brought rapid development in all fields including the education sector. The e-learning process helps one to access his or her studies from home or work place minus going to the institution. One can receive directly what is being taught on his or her gadget from where he is. The gadgets eligible of accessing the services include smart phones and laptops.

Importance of social media in Kenya

social media in kenya - the trends 2Social media is of great importance and plays a major role in one’s daily life in Kenya today. Staying connected with people from different parts of the country is important in people’s life, and social media available today in the country makes the interaction or connection easier than before. Large number of people uses the social sites to obtain news, connect with friends and even engaging in online marketing. Social media in Kenya has gained fame and popularity because of the following reasons.

Keeps people connected

Many people across the country stay connected as a result of the present social media being used. Through connection of the social media people can easily share photos and videos and they can easily find their old friends and meeting new people who share the same ideas as yours.

Keeps people updated

People are kept up to date on what is happening in the country as a result of social media. Exchange of information has been made easier and more convenient since individuals can share the information directly and one is able to discuss about the information by joining forums online.

Networking for personal or professional purposes

An individual can use one mail to pass information to a bigger number of people instead of wasting time moving around looking for them. This can be done for both business and connection to friends.

These processes enable one to understand the social media in Kenya and around the world presently.


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