Emerging Trends in Social Media in Kenya

Social media is the interaction of a group of people through internet. People tend to create and share ideas or information through internet. In the recent years, the use of social media in Kenya has grown rapidly with many people seeing it as an easier way of communication and sharing of ideas. This has led to development   of markets and eased the way of interaction of people.

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Where to Enjoy a Splendid Honeymoon Safari

There are many places that one can look for if you want to ignite your honeymoon. There are many places that one can go and fin that spark of love in a different yet an exciting place. There are safaris that one can go to in international destinations as well as local tours that can be very fruitful. One thing I am sure of is that you can never go wrong with a honeymoon safari.

Honey moon is all about enjoying life and making the best memories and the only way to achieve this is through honeymoon safaris. There are many companies that can be able to offer some safaris and hence one has to be on the lookout on what to go for.

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Video: Woman arrested for repeatedly slapping boyfriend around the face for ‘cheating’

The most stupid guy I have ever come across.


Upsetting your girlfriend is never a good idea as one man found out the hard way in front of an audience in China.

The 23-year-old felt the full wrath of his partner after being accused of cheating with another woman in their Hong Kong apartment.

He was then forced to kneel down on the street while being repeatedly slapped around the face as the girl shouted at him angrily.

‘Listen to me first before beating me!’ the man pleads, before adding: ‘I told her not to come!’

Dozens of people watched the lengthy exchange before one witness called the police who arrested the woman on suspicion of assault.

Many onlookers turned against the girl, telling the boy to get to his feet and dump his girlfriend.

‘Stand up, ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better,’ said one recorded in the five-minute clip, which has racked up thousands of hits online.

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